The City

When a campus and community work together, amazing things start to happen

Indianapolis is our home, and it’s one of our biggest points of pride. We are among the 20 largest cities in the United States and the capital and economic hub of Indiana. Here you’ll find the headquarters of Fortune 500 companies, state and federal government offices, major health care systems, and half a dozen professional sports teams. More than 26 million people visit the Circle City each year, and it hosts over 600 conventions annually.

So when it comes time to get the internships and other hands-on work experience we know will be so crucial to your success as a student (and the thing that will ultimately jump-start your career) you won’t have to struggle to find it.

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Community engagement is built into our curriculum

The commitment to improve the quality of life in Indianapolis and beyond is a defining attribute of IUPUI. Community engagement is one of our pedagogical strengths: it will be foundational to your success as a student, and it’s a mind-set adopted by Jaguars from the first year they’re here.

We carry out our commitment through civic and service learning, which emphasizes active participation in the community to improve the quality of life in the city, and elsewhere.

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Growing together for 50 years

A lot has changed since IUPUI was founded in 1969. But our commitment to our community hasn’t.

IUPUI continues to honor the past and envisioning an even brighter future together.

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Leading the way in emerging industries

#7in the “Top 10 Metro Cities for Economic Growth Potential”

1stin the nation for interstate highway access

$34.4 billionin international investments

Evolving systems and techniques in manufacturing

30global manufacturing companies headquartered in Indianapolis

2ndlargest hiring sector in Indianapolis behind government

2ndlargest FedEx hub in the world