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Why is the Jag life the best life? Find out for yourself as you begin exploring the IUPUI campus. 

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Check out the 360 virtual tour

Join us for a virtual tour of the IUPUI campus to find out what it’s like to live and learn on our downtown Indianapolis campus.

New and prospective students can now explore IUPUI from home with our 360-degree virtual tour. The tour is divided into chapters, so you can start with chapter 1 and watch all the way through, or jump right to the areas that interest you the most! 

This video is best viewed on a computer or tablet. Or, you can go directly to YouTube to watch it there or on the app on your mobile device.

Description of the video:

If you have any questions, please contact IUPUI Admissions at or give them at call at 317-274-4591.

[Video: A 360 degree view of the IUPUI campus center on the main floor. Gauri stands in the middle of the walkway of the campus center with a sculpture and large windows behind her.]

Gauri speaks: Hi, my name is Gauri. Welcome to IUPUI’s virtual 360-degree tour.
I’ll be your guide around campus.

We have separated our tour into a few different sections, so feel free to jump around and take a look at what interests you. You’ll be able to take a 360-degree look
at the spaces we’re in by either moving your phone around, or if you’re on a desktop use your mouse to click and drag your view.

Alright, let’s jump in!

You might have heard the saying, “the best of both worlds.” At IUPUI, you get the best of three worlds, with more than 450 academic programs from Indiana University and Purdue University, all set in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. And where we’re standing now is the heart of the campus. This is the IUPUI Campus Center.

This building houses so many great student resources and opportunities to help you achieve your goals. Behind us is the Barnes and Noble Bookstore, where you can get textbooks, class supplies, and IUPUI merchandise.

The front of the store also has a Cafè selling Starbucks products, which is essential for those morning classes.

The entire building is full of study spaces and from this main entrance you can see how open the Campus Center is.

We’ve got four more floors to cover so let’s go.

[Video: A 360 degree view of the Citizen Commons. Gauri stands in the middle of Citizens Commons food court, with Chick-Fil-A and a beverage station behind her.]

Gauri speaks: We’re now standing in Citizens Commons, located on the first floor of the campus center. We’ve got both indoor and outdoor seating and tons of great food options to choose from. There’s Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut, Panda Express,
a student choice option that rotates its offerings, and a market with snacks and other quick-grab items.

Upstairs we also have a Caribou coffee and an Erberts and Gerberts sandwich shop. Plus tons more seating.

[Video: A 360 degree view of the second floor of the campus center. Gauri stands in front of the doors to the campus center skywalk. On the other side of her an open view looking down to the campus center's first floor and up at the second and third floors and escalators leading to each floor.]

Gauri speaks: Like I mentioned earlier, the Campus Center has a ton of resources for students. The Division of Student Affairs offers engaging student life experiences, services, programs, and fosters the student community at IUPUI. Within the Division of Student Affairs, there are a bunch of student-related offices.

We have tons of opportunities to give back to the community, like MLK day of service and Cesar Chavez Day of Service where we go out and provide volunteer support to the local organizations. Student Affairs also oversees fraternity and
sorority life providing opportunities for leadership experience.

[Video: A 360 degree view of the Cube. Gauri stands in front of chairs and couches in the center area of the room. The walls are lined with glass offices and conferences spaces.]

Gauri speaks: Now we’re in the Cube, which is the student organization center, where over 475 student organizations are given dedicated space so they can plan their next big event.

On this floor we also have Paw’s Pantry and Paw’s Closet, which are student resources providing food and clothing for all IUPUI students. All you have to do is go in with your CrimsonCard and they’ll provide you with what you need.

On top of food and clothing resources for students, Student Affairs provides student advocacy, counseling and psychological services so that our students have the resources and support they need to succeed in and out of classes.

[Video: A 360 degree view of the campus center's fourth floor. Gauri stands in the fourth floor's main landing off of the escalators. Opposite her, a railing overlooks all four floors of the campus center open to below. A wall of windows shows an outdoor patio off of the fourth floor.]

Gauri speaks: Another great resource housed in the Campus Center is the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, where every IUPUI student starts their journey
by applying. You can apply either through Apply IU or through the Common App.

If you ever have admissions-related questions, their staff is always available to you and they’re super helpful.

Admissions also oversees Student Financial Services which serves students in financial related matters. They’ll help you complete your FAFSA.

There’s also the Office of Student Scholarships. They’ll help you apply for scholarships to keep tuition costs down.

A few other resources we haven’t mentioned yet in the Campus Center: we’ve got the Campus Card Services, who will get you your student ID, the CrimsonCard. We use these for everything around campus: printing, meal plans, getting into buildings, and much more.

The Campus Center also houses the Office for Veterans and Military Personnel. They’re there to provide assistance to veterans attending IUPUI with services like advising and advocacy.

[Video: A 360 degree view of the campus center's lower level. Gauri stands in front of the game room. Opposite her are chairs and tables and a wall of windows.]

Gauri speaks: Ok, now we’re in the lower level of the Campus Center.

This floor has our Campus Recreation Center which is a great place to get in shape, or get a quick workout in between classes.

We’ve also got the game room which is a great place to relax with friends, play a board game or video games, or shoot a game of pool.

We’ve also got our theatre which is a fun space where the Student Activities Programming Board or SAPB sometimes hosts movie screenings. SAPB is also responsible for planning big campus events like Jag-A-Palooza, which is an awesome event: They bring a huge carnival to IUPUI and light up the campus.

Ok, that wraps up t